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always a bridesmaid
Audience Response

STEVE, AGE 39, LONDON, 6/17/00

Hi Nina,
I just finished watching your movie which was shown here in England on Channel 4 tonight, I just wanted to write & say I loved it!

At the end when you & Nick were in the canoe together I was screaming at the TV "Propose to her you jerk!!" and then I remembered back to when I was 30 and living in London with a girl from Boston, she was putting me under a similar type of pressure to get married.. we had another incentive in that if we didn't marry she'd have to go back to the US..

Well, we didn't get married, she went home.. and now with hindsight I realise I made the wrong decision, I kid myself I'm "walking the full length of the counter" before I make my choice, but deep inside I know I've passed the good stuff and am browsing the cut-out bins.. Lets hope Nick comes to his senses soon.. :)

Your film had a lovely mood, I enjoyed when you just let the camera roll & the silence spoke for itself.. fabulous film, well done, I look forward to seeing your next work.

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