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always a bridesmaid
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We finally saw the movie on Cinemax this week. We liked it. You are a very bright and creative person with an excellent artistic eye. Nice job.

I have to tell you, though, that we laughed out loud when you mentioned that you were finding yourself distracted by the single men at the weddings you filmed. After meeting with you the first time and watching your samples, I mentioned to Maureen that I was concerned you spent too much time flirting with men and we should bring it up before hiring you! Maureen was too polite, though, and we both liked you so we decided not to discuss it.

After all, some of the funniest moments of our video occur when you are filming Scott and Chip (or they are filming you). However, there is one point of our video that was very disappointing to me. Now, however, it all makes sense.

You cut out on my guitar solo. This was rather devastating to me the first time I saw the video. Instead of filming the entire solo, you take a "musing" stroll onto the deck! So we get a view of the dark instead of my infamous rendition of Heartbreak Hotel. Of course, now, I realize you needed that time.

All joking aside, you should forget about these over intellectual, insufferable idiot type men you interview in the movies (if I were there, I would have punched them on principle) and find a good Midwestern man without guilt.

Good luck
Bob Ross (and Maureen)

PS: Thanks for being easy on us in the film. Now my mother can see it too.

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