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always a bridesmaid
About the Director

THE KNOT - Always a Bridesmaid: Q&A; with Documentary Filmmaker Nina Davenport (
THE TODAY SHOW - Nina will be appearing shortly after 8 a.m. on The Today Show on July 26th.
TV GUIDE - Bridesmaid will sadden the dreamer in you, but the voyeur will have a blissful time. My score: 9 [out of 10]
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - In this starkly honest and funny documentary, director Nina Davenport, 30, taps into the female fear of old maidenhood by chronicling how societal pressure to get hitched became a destructive obsession in her life. -A.
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - ...dripping with artistic merit....the self-styled Cinemax Reel Life chronicle Always a Bridesmaid is a deceptively wise and witty piece of personal insight and societal commentary.
MIRABELLA - is precisely Davenport's willingness to gamely give herself over to interrogation that makes the film so appealing: an artful combination of narcissism and bravery.
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - this quirky Cinemax Reel Life documentary is...witty, irritating and touching by turns.
TIME OUT LONDON - This feature-length doc is positively dripping with authorship.....just when you think this is going to be a real-life Sex in the City, all style and no substance—Davenport gains our trust and sympathy. With an instinct for narrative, she draws out her portrait using interviews with her family, her friends and a string of old women who never married, into a much more wide-ranging speculation about the merits of marriage versus a life spent single. It becomes a complex, intricate film full of tonal opposites, brashness and subtlety.
THE BOSTON HERALD - When 'POV' was at its most daring, Davenport's precious little oeuvre would have fit right in with the crazy stew. But Always a Bridesmaid eludes PBS and gets a slot on Cinemax—the main venue for presenting off-kilter stranger-than-fiction nonfiction films...The filmmaker shapes this oddball montage of love and its discontents into a piece original and, ultimately, wise. Davenport realizes the most important life lesson: If you love yourself and enjoy your life, you will find happiness either in aloneness or togetherness...Nina Davenport's filmic voice is singular.
GLAMOUR - Always a Bridesmaid is ostensibly a film about Nina, but what takes center stage is an age-old quandary: Can a woman crack a man's refusal to commit by sheer, pit-bull persistence?
THE WASHINGTON POST - Ultimately the film is a videotaped psychiatry session, but Davenport pulls it off with self--effacing humor...Davenport is likable and keeps the film moving at a brisk pace.
"Pick of the Day" in THE INDEPENDENT, (England) - There is a touch of Bridget Jones about New Yorker Nina Davenport as she wryly reviews her prospects as a singleton...The embodiment of the phrase "always a bridesmaid and never a bride," Davenport provides a bittersweet view of the emotional problems confronting an unmarried woman in her thirties when all her buddies start to get hitched.

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