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always a bridesmaid
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Dearest Nina,
Well I sort of stumbled on the documentary and somehow was compelled to watch it. The more I watched, I realised that I had something very much in common with you. Sure, I'm not looking to marry, but I am also looking for a constant, tangible, secure relationship with a guy that I am, frankly, obsessed with. A guy who is kind of immature and just doesn't share the ideas in my head. So I wait for him (WHY WHY WHY I ask myself). During the commercial break, I rang my best friend and told her to watch the documentary that was on: NOW. Watching Nina sit in coffee shops with her friends or anyone else willing to listen, asking, pleading for advice and consolation hit home so hard. I saw myself in Nina, I saw my best friends in her best friends. I especially related to the frustration, anger, desperation and the complete obsessive desire displayed in the film. I was touched by its frankness, honesty. At times I cried a little, cringed, dug my nails into my palms as I thought: HEY, THAT'S ME! My friend rang me back in an equal state of shock/amazement/awe after the documentary had finished, and I said: 'So what did you think?'. You know what she said? She said: "Shit Parisa, that was YOUR life." Yeah, no kidding.

Once again, all my thanks and love for the wonderful documentary, amazing experience and reply. THANKS!

Please write me back.
immense LOVE,
parisa Ebrahimi :-)

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