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always a bridesmaid
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salutations... my name is kate. i stumbled along this documentary in july. it really is rather eerie to see someone with a personality and problems so similar to my own. right down to the physical appearances of the boyfriend.

in june, my boyfriend decided to break up with me...six months after he proposed to me. oddly enough, he wants to trying living on his own in NYC, we live together in dayton,OH. i decided i would try to live like know the long distance thing..but as he's trying to save money to go, he's decided to live with his best friend in columbus. well he decided 2 weeks ago to make an official break and not talk to me again...your show really did help, not just because i know what it feels like, it also felt good that you had such a group of friends. i have always wanted that type of bond with a group of girls...well, i suppose i just want to thank you for the program and maybe an update about what happened after the show.

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