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always a bridesmaid
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Dear Nina,
I feel as if I know you. I think your friends were unfair to call you needy. I think you are open with your emotions and that is hard for people to digest. I say, so what!! I dated a guy briefly that looked like Nick, his name was Shane and was a sculptor. We never had the kind of relationship you and Nick had, but it was bittersweet and I have to say I am a better person for it. If things didn't work out between you two, you can always treasure the time you spent. He seems like a nice guy. I really loved the elder ladies in your film and found them very inspiring. I am currently in a relationship and we live as though we are married but we are not. I should film my life and it would be "I Fear Marriage." I guess I can relate to Nick. If he is like I am the issue is about personal identity and the great leap of faith. Anyhow, good luck and thank you for your beautiful and funny film.


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